The Cardinal Connection

for Hope and Healing

Cardinal Connection

I developed a special connection to the Red Cardinal while writing my first memoir, My Journey with Josie. (published in 2013) The Cardinal represented my connection with Josie through Spirit.  As I began to learn more about this red beauty, I realized many of its symbolic meanings are aligned with my social work principles and beliefs.

 The Cardinal’s bright red color symbolizes the faith that helps us through our darkest times when we feel hope is lost. It helps us to acknowledge our strengths, open up our creative energy and believe in ourselves. The Cardinal’s beautiful song brings attention to itself, and reminds us that we too have a voice.

In 2015 I founded The Cardinal Connection for Hope and Healing. I provide counselling services to individuals during times in their lives when loss, struggle and pain have replaced joy and happiness. The Cardinal Connection offers clients the opportunity to find their passion, realize their true potential and live their lives with pride and vitality.